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Brian Rooney

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brianbassheaderSo this Brian Rooney guy plays some bass and does a little singing. He’s still not sure what he wants to be when he grows up but, in the meantime, he enjoys running his home based businesses and playing music.

From R&B to Funk, Soul, Blues, and a little jazz, Brian Rooney has played around the world and enjoys playing in and around the Houston area. Over the years, Brian has gigged with local artists such as Pigs On The WallSheri Lavo, Randy WallThe Mighty Orq, Paul Ramirez, Tommy Dardar, James RoosaJeremy Bankhead, The Fantastics, Gary Michael Dahl, Maria Williams Band, Yelba’s Latin Fire, Nigel Edison, Earl T Jess, Lance Gremillion, Alva Sim, Liz Mendez, and more.

When Brian isn’t running his home based businesses, you can catch him performing with one of these local groups, playing musical theater, or napping. Hey… a guy’s got to sleep some time, right?

To find out where Brian is playing next, check out this link: Upcoming Gigs

To find out if Brian can even play, check out this link: Brian Rooney Demo

You can join Brian’s list and get personal updates on gigs and events here.


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