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The Lee Ritenour Experience

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

On April 12, I had the joy of seeing Lee Ritenour and Spyro Gyra here in The Woodlands.

Brian Rooney and Billy PopeAs I was walking up to get my tickets, I saw Abraham Laboriel on the big screen and it took me a moment to realize that I was watching a “live” shot. Once it registered, I got really excited!

Abraham Laboriel is one of the big reasons I became interested in playing bass many years ago.

The evening was absolutely amazing. Imagine Lee Ritenour being backed by Abraham Laboriel, Will Kennedy, and Dave Grusin. And that was the “opening act”! I spent the evening completely captivated by what I was seeing and hearing. On stage were some of the most accomplished musicians in the industry. At any given moment, any one of them could have blown us all away with their chops. What stood out to me more than anything else was how much each player was so focused on supporting the others.

When it was time to solo, they each flawlessly created jaw dropping moments. And when they were not soloing, each player was completely tuned in to the supporting role of making sure the soloist had a wide open canvas to create on.

In many cases, I believe they each demonstrated their genius in what they chose to NOT play as much as what and when they did play.

It was a beautiful evening that included several moments that will stay with me for years go come.